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Are you ranking in Google a bit of a disappointment?

Have you spent hours trying to understand what went wrong or how to get top position in Google for your target keyword?

Then stop. Do not spend any more time or money on learning about the next new “secret” about getting your website ranked in Google.

Forget about all the cool “tools” and “systems” and all those new shiny SEO methodologies.

There is no “secret” to successful SEO.

SEO success can all be boiled down to 4 things…

1 – Technical SEO

2 – On-Page “Content” SEO

3 – Off-Page “Link Building” SEO

4 – And the most important one… Implementation

In fact. The biggest reason for SEO failure in not in sorting our the first 3 items on the list, but in the failure to IMPLEMENT!

Where to start.

You need an SEO Plan. This is created by thinking about what you are trying to accomplish. What are the outcomes you want from your on-line presents.

What do you want your website to do?

What actions do you want your visitors to take?

But that really should be though about after you have thought about your target audience, or rather, who would be your perfect customer?

SEO is not really about the “techie” stuff (but you do have to get it as good as you can), but rather it is about getting inside the head of your customers, working our what it is they really want and then giving them the answers or solutions they are looking for.

Understanding you customers should be the first priority, then the content you put onto your site then all the technical SEO elements.

Great SEO really is about getting your SEO foundations in-place, then Implementing some solid off-page SEO, basically Digital Marketing.

If you want to discuss further about SEO Strategies or how to create a SEO Plan that focuses on you wants, needs and requirements then call this number 01462 600 125 or send an email to info@seothatworks.co.uk