Learning SEO – Where To Start

I have been an SEO for over 8 years and I’m still learning.

SEO is a huge subject and there are many SEO rabbit-holes to go down and get lost in! But starting in the right place can make the learning curean eser one.

If you are starting out, then learning SEO requires you to break the subject up into manageable chunks, and have the attitude that the learning process will never stop.

I look at SEO as two main subjects Technical SEO and Content SEO.

Technical SEO:

The process of making it as easy as possible for the search engines to navigate your website and help them to understand what your web pages are about

  • Making sure it works just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop
  • That there are minimal errors and that any errors are handled properly
  • That the site loads quickly
  • That there are no duplicate pages can be a huge problem with older CMS sites where you can access the same page via different URLs.
  • You will need an understanding of things like (by no means an all-inclusive list):
  • HTML, CSS and PHP, Canonicals, Structured Data, etc.
  • CDNs, DNS and IPs
  • HTTP error codes and redirects,
  • Elements of different Web Server Platforms like Apache, nginx, Microsoft IIS,

Learning Technical SEO can be challenging, so many different platforms and different ways to achieve the same thing.

You can read other people’s views on Technical SEO here:


https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/07/31/the-beginners-guide-to-technical-seo/ (try and ignore all the dam popups, sorry, they call them “Overlays” now…)

Of course there is the “Magic” of Google, use it to find more information on Technical SEO…

Then there are all the Tool to learn about. Start to know Google Search console and Analytics and Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

Content SEO:

Content SEO covers your on-page content and the content you use for backlink generation and traffic generation.

Content SEO is a complete shift from the down-right logical technical thinking that goes into Technical SEO to understanding human thinking and behaviour to the many different online marketing processes.

You need to know all that so you can choose the right SEO Strategies and Tactics to successfully promote your content to the right people.

It also means you need a basic understanding of Traffic Generation, the different strategies, methods and techniques of actually getting traffic to your website. From paid traffic generation and social to offline to online traffic generation.

You will need to learn what is important and what is irrelevant to implement for a given target audience.

Content SEO, if your basic Technical SEO is in some sort of order, is the most important aspect of SEO.

It is what is going to drive traffic, get you good rankings and ultimately convert to sales.

Fundamentally, Content SEO is Digital Marketing with multiple objectives of driving traffic, creating external references (like backlinks) to your webpage, brand building and authority building.

As I said, SEO is a HUGE subject; you can learn basics, use SEO templates/step-by-step guides (do this, then that…) to get your site ranking and many business just do that, but…

If you want to truly learn about SEO then be prepared to be on a constant learning curve. With the right mind-set it can be great fun and never boring.

If you’re still interested, here are some more resources: