The Big Picture

I was prompted to write a short (well not that short) comment to a question posted on LinkedIn, What one word best describes your goals for 2012?”.

2012 presents a fundamental shift in the way you should be doing SEO and marketing your business on-line. Gone are the days of easy rankings and automated services, now it’s all “Social this…” and “Social that…”. There is no escaping the importance of how you represent yourself and your business on-line.

Here is the comment I left (you can add your thoughts on Linkedin by clicking here):

Sorry can’t give one word here are two “Holistic Reductionism”…

With reference to Ivr’s comment, yes every business needs new customers but what about your current customers and past customers? Your business should be “nurturing” them as you (the business) has already paid (in time and money) to get them, you already have a customer base that have spent money with you and the stats show (that I read some place but can’t re-locate…) that around 80% of customers who bought something from you and were happy would buy something else of equal value from you again.

The goal is to have a high level view (holistic) of your target market and get in front of them via the medium that best conveys your message and gets them to take action (reductionism). Focus on the things that work and drop those that don’t.

Mobile, as Trevor says, will dominate. But it’s not just smart phones but tablets too (Android devices like Amazons Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPads). You will have (happening now) total integration of Internet Access into every entertainment device as standard (TV’s, DVD players, game consoles or whatever comes next).

QR Code are a great lead capture mechanism (reductionism) but that and other lead capture techniques need to be part of a holistic view of how to get them most out of your leads and customers past and present.

And then you have the “Vaynerchuk”-ism (go Goolge him if you don’t know), his astute observations and his implementation of “connecting” with his customers (originally evolving from his Wine Library business) show that understanding “where” your customers are is critical to success. By “where”, I mean, know the best place to “connect” with them. If your target market hang out on Twitter then you need to be there, if they are on Facebook or here on LinkedIn, then you got to use those media channels but remember there is still a large number of people who don’t use those digital media channels and you got to find ways to connect.

Not only that, with all this “Social” stuff going on it is easier for people to research your products/service/you and get an “honest” opinion from their friends or from friends of friends… In other words it is getting difficult to hide just behind advertising and branding.