Content Marketing For SEO

SEO can be frustrating especially when it comes to link-building. But what if you could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak? Using Content Marketing precisely does that. First, lets clarify what the two “birds” are..

Having good content on your website is one of the core elements for good SEO (bird one), and having back-links from other websites that have good content is another critical element to good SEO (bird two). So by focusing on creating good content for your website and creating good content for the use of promotion (content marketing), you gain both.

Here is an infographic that gives an insight to the growth of Content Marketing and remember that Google is watching and using other peoples content to help judge the quality of what it serves up in the search results. If there is a lot of “good” stuff being talked about you business/websites, then Google may well be nudging you up above your competition in the search results.

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