Do you use Google Analytics?

If you run a website you should be using Google Analytics. You should be keeping an eye out on what keywords people are actually using to get to your site.

Google, on the other hand, have just started to escalate a problem that has been rumbling on for some time. Up until recently, when you looked at your Analytics, you could see a list of all the keywords that people had typed in to Google and then clicked on through to your website but there was a small number of click through’s where those keywords were “not provided”. That small number is now becoming a larger number and will be for ALL ORGANIC KEYWORDS!


Google-keywords not provided




This is because some Google Search users were logged into their Google Accounts and had a Secure connection (connected using HTTPS /SSL) that encrypts any data sent between the user and Google. This means that the keywords that the searcher types in is not made available to Google Analytics and this you get the “not provided” labelled next to the search numbers in Analytics.

Got it?

So, Google has now decided to roll out a mass update so that all searchers will connect through a HTTPS connection which means you will not get to see what keywords people are typing in! Just great.

It now means one of the core benefits of having set-up and installed Google Analytics has been flushed town the loo. Well, not quite, there are more things you can do with Google Analytics than just see what keywords people are typing in to get to your site. There are the Goal Conversions and tracking your AdWords campaigns and keywords that get clicks for a start. Not all is lost. Want to read more?

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