“It’s war out there on the Internet…

As I write this, there is war currently going on behind the scenes on the Internet, and it is becoming more intrusive into everyone’s daily on-line lives. There is an escalating battle between the “Bad-Guys”, who want to gain control of your website and the “Good-Guys” trying to protect you.

Recently, a number of websites I look after came under sustained attack from automated malicious “bots” that scour the internet looking for websites with weaknesses. Their aim is to gain access to websites so that the bot owners can put infected files, porn, links or other “nasty” stuff onto it. In some cases, they can hold website owners to ransom. Criminals can be very creative when it comes to extracting money from people…

Depending on the type of web hosting you have and even if your website is not directly being attacked, you can find your website becomes almost un-usable. In some cases many hundreds of websites are affected as they are all hosted on a single server!

Anyway, this particular attack was a combination of a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack and a “Brute Force” attack on the administration logins of certain types of websites.

These types of attack has been sweeping across the Internet causing headaches for both Internet users, Internet Service Providers and of course, the people who own, manage and run websites.

Why do they do it? Motivation can be from just wanting to cause some trouble for the fun of it, for financial or political gains. For whatever reasons their motivation, the real outcome for everyday users of the Internet ranges from just plain old annoyance to financial loss and disruption to business.

If you want to take the security of your website seriously then here are some resources worth looking into. The Internet is a BIG place but at some point your website WILL be under attack and spending a few hours now in learning what to to do and how to protect yourself and your business will save you whole heap of time and help minimise disruptions to your website, your business and money lost or spent in undoing the problems.