The SEO Circle Of Truth

There are lots of people who think SEO is a “do-once and-forget” operation.

Unfortunate that is far from the real truth of successful SEO.

In the “Good Old Days” SEO could be a “do-now-and-again” process but with the increasing pace at which Google continues with minor and major updates, more a continuous process now, businesses need to re-think the way they complement SEO activities.

Rather like any marketing campaign, SEO need to be a continuous and interactive process. Successful businesses do not stop marketing, they don’t run one ad or do just one promotional activity and expect it to dramatically improve their sales. They keep testing and tracking, trying different ads, different marketing channels, different marketing methods continuously looking to improve their results.

A good marketing team will do the following:

  • Analyse
  • Plan and Design
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • and back to analyse…

Same goes for SEO. It is a never ending process always looking for improvements.