Is SEO Dead?

If you want more business from your website and are planning a complete site make-over or overhaul, then there are several things that you should take into consideration.
First, what are the keywords you want to target? – You first need to do some research into your target market and the keywords they are using. No matter how competitive your market is, there are always plenty of openings for some smart Internet Marketing activities and proper on-site and off-site SEO. Add in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Network Marketing and you will be head and shoulders above your competition.
Second, you need to really think about your Lead Capture and Management mechanisms. There should have various methods for capturing leads and lead information and then use “automation” to follow-up on those leads. There are a number of tools that you can use from simple email auto-responders to proper CRM systems that can provide a fully automated lead management system that takes a cold lead right through to a paying customer and then allows you to continue to market to your customers and sell other products/service.
Third, traffic generation. Ultimately you need to drive traffic to your website and there are a number of ways to do this.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Getting “organic” traffic from the search engines. This is sometimes called “free traffic” but there is no such thing as free… To get a particular website/webpage to the top of the search results for a particular keyword phrase takes, planning, time, effort and resources.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – This is using the search engines paid traffic platforms to drive traffic to your site. Examples are Google’s AdWords and Microsofts Bing/Yahoo ad platforms. They provide a great platform for keyword research and testing. Using paid traffic from the search engines will allow for speedy results as you can effectively “switch on” traffic to your website. But of course you have to pay for it!
  • SMM & SNM (Social Media Marketing & Social Network Marketing) – There are two aspects to this. One is the “Social” where you/your business needs to have a some sort of social dialogue with your customers and prospects. It takes proper planning and consistent implementation with a long term view to be successful. The other aspect is to use their own Ad platforms and pay for traffic to wither your “Social” pages or to your own website. The one thing to remember though with Social Network Marketing is that it needs a different style of marketing to that of SEM.
  • Other traffic generation methods are to use Affiliate networks and Off-Line marketing (traditional paper ads) to drive both sales and traffic to your website. This can be a great source of leads but needs very careful management and monitoring. Cost can be high and you have to have a proven system that you can assess your true ROI.
One thing is clear now, traditional SEO is dead, Google had made some huge changes in the way they are ranking websites and to what they are now (and will be) showing in the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). The biggest thing that is happening now is that Google are really pushing their Google+ social platform. Search results are now favouring any content (related to the search terms typed in) to content on their social network and websites that are integrating into it.
At the moment it’s mainly users in the US that are seeing the biggest changes but you can be assured that it will be rolling out across all countries very soon.