The Value Of SEO vs PPC

PPC is GREAT! Instant traffic, tightly targeted searchers, fast results, but…

PPC only get 6% of the possible click-through traffic from any search typed into Google! What about the 94% of other searchers?*

What are they clicking on? Organic Results, that’s what.

Ok, for those who need a little clarification of what the difference between PPC Search Results and Organic Results are, here is a quick guide.

PPC (Pay Per Click) are paid listings on Google and Bing (adverts). As an advertiser you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Organic Results, are the results listed underneath, and are free, except for the cost of:

  • a) getting your website built and
  • b) getting it optimised (unless you’re lucky enough to have no competition and your site is top-dog out of the box…)


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That means, the vast majority of successful searches are accomplished via Organic Listings not through PPC.

Lets break down that 94% into more chunks… By the way, the following numbers are based on research done by GroupM UK and Nielsen and were based on 28 Million people in the UK searching 1.4 Billion search phrases. You can read more here.

First Place Organic Listing gets a whopping average** of 48% off all possible organic clicks***!
Second Place gets an average 12%
Third Place gets an average 8%
The Remainder Places get the rest of the 32% (Averaging 5% each)

Now lets put this in terms of possible revenues: Here is a video walk through of how much lost revenue you can have just relying on PPC traffic.

*Based on research by GroupM UK and Nielsen, and infographic found here.
**Average values based on Branded and Non-Branded searches
***Percentages based on 94% overall click through for organic results as equaling 100%