Is Your Website Fast Enough?

Or should the title be “Google Loves Speed”.

One critical factor in getting into Google good books and that of visitors, is how quickly your website loads. How much of a factor it is in your ranking may be less clear but from a users perspective it is very important.

Recently this site was being extremely slow in loading, which was a puzzle as I had just migrated it over to a higher specification web server. Before the site move, the site was quick and pages loaded in a blink. But after it could take up to 10 seconds for the pages to fully load.

I then turned to one of my favorite free online tools for measuring load times and spent some time looking at webpage sizes, data transfer rates and script load times. It was glaringly obvious what was causing the problem. A missing Java scrip file.

Re-installing the script brought the load times down in half but that was still not good enough. Further tweaks, removing unwanted plug-ins and scripts and then fine tuning the caching software brought the load times down from 5.472 seconds to just 0.778 of a second (on average), which, is not bad going.

Benefits of a faster website are:

  • Visitors won’t click away because they are bord waiting for content to load and
  • Google Bot, along with other search engine bots, are happy as they can crawl your site quicker and and so give you extra “brownie” points which
  • Help with your rankings.

If you feel your site is slow and in need of a tidy-up, give us a call on 01462 600 125 to find out how we could help you.