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Here are two of our favorite marketing tools. The first is Aweber which is a simple but powerfully email automation service suitable for small single person business and Office Autopilot which is a sophisticated email and lead management tool suitable for small to medium sized businesses.


Email Auto Responder:

AWeber is the main Auto Responder use at We’ve been using it for a few years now, and have been very happy with the email deliverability, ease of use, email analytics, and customer support that AWeber provides.

AWeber is currently in use by over 100k businesses and it’s easily the most popular Auto Responder used by internet marketers everywhere.

Where AWeber shines is in its email deliverability ensures that your emails get through to your subscribers. They do this through their extensive relationships with ISPs to make sure your emails are "white-listed" and don’t get blocked by their servers.

AWeber, in our experience, is the easiest Auto Responder to get a hang of. Of course all Auto Responders have some sort of learning curve, but AWeber mitigates this with it’s step by step email campaign wizards, and simple web form builder.

Plus AWeber is contains all the email analytics features you need to completely optimize your opt-in campaigns. You can track your email opens, clicks, unsubscribes all within the AWeber dashboard.


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Office Autopilot

You may well be familiar with or know about needing a follow-up system in your business to keep leads/prospects aware of your business, products or services . These follow-up systems can be through email, post, calls or SMS text messaging (mobile marketing) but as you also may be aware, to implement such a system can take a considerable amount of time and effort to implement, maintain and manage. Keeping track of who sent what to whom and what the outcomes were can be a serious headache for any business.

This is where Office Autopilot comes in. If offers a "One Stop Shop" for almost any online marketing activity you need to implement. It provide a easy contact management platform that allows for prospect segmentation, email marketing , testing and tracking, auto-tagging of prospects depending on their action to a particular marketing message and payment  processing and shipping/fulfillment processing. Plus there is a lot more it can do.

Office Autopilot comes across primarily for digital publishers and marketers but it can be a tremendous help for normal brick and mortar business as many of it's features are ideally suited for any type of business.

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