What We Do

We provide bespoke SEO Services that fit the needs of your business. All our services are based on what is working now, with a view to long turm stable rankings. SEO is an ever evolving process and requires continual monitoring and on-going work to gain and then maintain top positions in the search engines.

SEO Consulting Services:

Following an initial fact-finding exercise to clearly establish your business on-line growth goals and objectives, current marketing activities and strategies, how you are capturing metrics and your target market, your target keywords and your main competitors, you will then receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of your current website with a list of recommended improvements.
  • Competition analysis and an assessment of potential ease or difficulty to out SEO them.
  • Implementation plan, a comprehensive list of action points to move your website up in the search rankings.

SEO Implementation Services:

One of the biggest problems we have found for small and some medium business is finding and allocating staff to implement the SEO strategies given to them during the consultation stage. We can offer various levels of support to help you get your SEO tasks completed.

SEO Training Services:

Want to improve your SEO skills? Need to know what is working now and what will keep on working? Need to train new staff or existing staff in current SEO best practices? Then we can provide you or your business with tailored SEO training that matches your current level of knowledge and bring it up to speed with what is happening now, not what was happening a few months ago.

We also hold 1/2 day and 1 day group training sessions that go into the deeper requirements needed for successfully SEOing website or E-commerce store.

Please contact us to get the next scheduled dates for this specialised SEO training.

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